Company Overview

About SK Hosting Limited

Founded in 2009, SK Hosting Limited has been providing world-class professional, innovative, stable and secure internet connectivity services to customers. We do our part to enable the development of the Internet by providing a platform to webmasters and companies to achieve their visions and objectives.

Our Mission

SK Hosting thinks everyone, every company or every organization has its purpose and mission, and our mission is to help and support you to complete your task easily.

Our Vision

SK Hosting that the Internet is our human future, we hope to use network technology to improve the human vision.

Our History

During the early stage, we have been interviewed by local IT magazines. We broke out and rated Hong Kong's nine major web hosting, accepting various tests including speed, security and service.

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Our Services

We offer a wide suite of services including, web hosting, domain registration, web site design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), dedicated servers, virtual private server (VPS), server co-location, e-mail hosting, cloud hosting and many other personal and enterprise services. We even offer customized services to our corporate customers, contact us for more details.

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Our Infrastructure

Our network is built on high-speed, redundant and low latency infrastructure. This is embedded into our decision processes in network design and as well as service providers, hardware and software vendor selection.

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Our Network

High speed, low latency Internet connectivity is our core offering. That is why we locate our infrastructure in the top data center facilities.

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Our Security

The world can be a scary place if we do protect ourselves. That is why we employ industry best practices in physical and cyber security to defend our network resources.

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24/7 Operations & Support

Our operations are around the clock and we provide 24/7 support to our customers. We believe that there is no room for downtime in our industry, only continual operation and development.

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Our Team

Our team consists of the best talent in the industry as we believe that the great value we provide is through our staff.


D. Yuen
Director, Dresh Life Limited
" Server availability and reliability are critical for e-commence web sites as downtime and latency can lead to lost revenue. SK Hosting has consistently delivered top-notch services to support Dresh Life's operations. "
Bird Cheung
General Manager, Sure Chance ltd
" We’ve been using SK hosting for quite a while and never think of change it to any other company. The reason why is because they have provided a really fast and stable server services and done an amazing job of the after sales services. They always response so quickly and I would more than happy to introduce SK hosting to everyone who seeking for the good web hosting company. "
Sam Ive
Project manager, Mega East Computer Solution Company
" There are many low cost web hosting company in the market but they can’t focusing on both price and service quality at the same time. However, SK hosting is the rare company in the market that can offer a reasonable price and provide the fast and stable web hosting and after sales service. I am really impressed with their products. "
公司東主, 東莞粵豪金屬材料有限公司
" SK Hosting 提供了一流的伺服器服務,對於一個國內企業來說,尋找跨境服務器一直都比較困難,當中我們嘗試過不同的香港網存公司,最後我還是選擇了SK Hosting的香港伺服器,他們提供了穩定及快速的服務器服務,幫助我們的企業更加快速的成長。"
CEO, HuaRui stainless steel
" 我們使用了SK Hosting的服務已經很多年了,一直保持著高水準的穩定度和安全性,讓我的服務器沒有後顧之憂,客服們的回應也很迅速,也幫我們解決了很多問題,SK Hosting 的專業團隊讓我們非常滿意。"
Sunny Chan
" SK Hosting提供的服務及伺服器十分穩定,每當遇上問題時,客戶服務的同事會樂意及耐心解答,在最短時間內解決。"

Do you have any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, our team will response to you as soon as possible.