We have been using KVM virtualization technology on our VPS for years, which to ensure all of our clients can make use of the server resources. We also guarantee in each server we will not appear any oversold situation. Once again, sincerely thank you for of your trust with SK hosting.

-SK hosting team

The Professional Control Panel

  • Comprehensive resources management

    Provide the simple and easy interface for you to monitor the operation of the server.
  • Free to choose the installation of the operating system

    You can easily access the control panel to select any operational system.
  • VNC Connect

    You can easily control your server through VNC, it’s like your desktop is surround you.
vps control panel - SK HOSTING
vps control panel - SK HOSTING
vps control panel - SK HOSTING

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Choose your package

Attention: Our services cannot be used to avoid to bypass the China Internet system nor perform any network attacks. We will not accept the order. If you are from China, you must read and agree to the Terms of Service.

注意:如果你的申請是在中國大陸進行任何翻牆 / 網絡攻擊 或 破壞行為,我們是絕對拒絕你的申請。內地客戶請先查看服務條款的內容及必須同意才能申請。
1 Cores
1 GB
Hard Disk
100 GB
*Note:Please kindly note that, when you create your service, please use VNC tools from your VPS control panel to manage or reinstall your operation system, also you can install the SSH command to your server.
All our servers include:
*1 Gbps shared network connectivity speed
*Raid 10 Data protected
*KVM Full Virtualization
*VPN Server
*DoS attack

/ month

*You will get 10% off if you paid for an annual plan.


Do you have any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, our team will response to you as soon as possible.