Privacy Policy

SK Hosting Limited takes client privacy very seriously so please read the below privacy policy carefully.

For the purpose of this document, SK Hosting Limited shall be called "SK Hosting", SK Hosting Limited's clients should be called "Clients" and Clients' users shall be called "Users".

Privacy Policy:

  1. Scope
    1.1 SK Hosting's privacy policy scope applies to Clients.
    1.2 SK Hosting's privacy policy scope do not apply to Users.

  2. Data Collection and Use
    2.1 Collection of personal information by SK Hosting is strictly for internal administrative and contact purposes as part of providing Clients with services.
    2.2 SK Hosting will only provide personal information to law enforcement agencies with valid sapenas.

  3. Removal of Personal Data
    3.1 Clients can request to have their personal data removed at any time.

  4. Updates
    4.1 SK Hosting reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy at anytime without notice.

Late Update: September 6, 2009

Do you have any questions?

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